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Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Tuesday, April 24th 2012 More Hiccups

So, Ella's fever came back, and this time it went to 101.8. the magic number is 101 for calling the doctor, so we made the call.  Even though they confirmed from Friday's clinic visit that she has the flu, they had her go in for antibiotics.  It is more of a safeguard.  The virus can drive down her ANC and make her more susceptible to bacterial infection.  The Dr. knows I am against this because the last 2 times this has happened the antibiotics caused C-Diff and a hospital stay for Ella, but it was necessary.  So, we headed down to Loyola's ER.  Steve and Josh had left to spend the day together and I couldn't get in touch with him, so Aunt Carrie met us at the ER.
Ella wearing a mask in the ER

The one thing I still do not like about our hospital is that it is a school.  So we got a resident in the ER, one that had a cold and was wearing a mask. He came in with this little notepad and started to recited back to me what the doctor told him. It think it is just that most of them just do not instill any confidence that they know what they are doing and have got it covered.  So, I became "That Mom" and told him before he could read it off his pad and asked to make sure someone with experience accessed her port. The nurse was experienced, but she had trouble accessing Ella's port. Then they tried to take it out of her arm, and failed. She fished around for about 5 minutes and nothing. I can't tell you how proud of my girl I was. She didn't cry at all.  Many thanks to Aunt Carrie who brought the Muppet Movie and it kept her completely occupied.  So, then they went to the other arm.  Ella was a trooper.  She had another nurse come in to draw the other arm and that nurse got her port access to work and got it out of her arm.  Ella's counts were still good, so her body is fighting it on it's own. She got the antibiotics and we were able to go home.

On Monday we were scheduled to go back to Clinic, but her blood cultures all came back negative for bacterial infections, so we got to stay home.  Her fever is gone for now and she is in a good mood.  Fingers crossed!
Ella today with Jesania

Thank you to everyone for all their prayers!


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