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Monday, April 4, 2011

Monday April 4th, 2011

You will notice a certain lack of pictures for this weeks post, because we were too busy just having fun! Josh was off of school for Spring Break, so we had movies days, bounce house, play dates, overnight at a hotel, Woodfield Mall, and bowling to wrap up the week. While the boys got to swim at the hotel, Ella and I did a spa day. By that I mean I painted her fingers and toes while she watched Sponge Bob and drank milk.
We also went to Woodfield to buy an Easter Dress and a new Build A Bear. She is so excited that her Birthday Party is going to be there next month. The staff there is really sweet and they all recognize her when she comes in. Health wise we managed to stay healthy when it seemed like everyone we knew had a cold at the beginning of the week. Thank God! It is so hard to balance my desire for her to have a fun normal life, with my desire for her to not get sick. I can't tell you how much hand washing and Purell we use on a daily basis!

The one thing that was missing from our week was Jesania. Half her family was sick, and she wasn't feeling well so she wasn't able to come spend the week with us. If you don't know who Jes is, she and I have been in Big Brothers, Big Sisters together for over 7 years now. She has become part of our family, and has her own room at our house. 

The reason it was super hard to not have her here this week is because we recently found out her family is moving to Texas. While I want to be happy for them, my heart is so saddened and broken that I will miss out on the rest of her life. I have not had the heart to tell Josh and Ella yet, mostly because I don't know how to. They look at her like she is a sister.  Every time they walk past her doorway they make a comment about their "Fluff Fluff". She will be here until school is done this year, and then she is off to start High School in Texas. 
Jesania's empty room
Jes just picked out this color for her room, and the comforter. We spent a good part of Christmas Break getting the room painted and finished. I know she will always be a part of our lives, even in Texas.

Ella has clinic tomorrow.  If her counts are good, we leave for Florida this week to see Grandma and Grandpa! As long as she doesn't have a hidden lingering cold, her counts should be ok.  The chemo she is on right now is not "suppose to" have a huge effect on her counts.  So, we are hoping it doesn't. I am nervous about flying with Ella. Getting her through security with a piece of metal in her chest, and a bag full of meds (pills and liquid)....just not looking forward to it. Let me assure you, if a security guard gives her a hard time, this momma bear is going to show her claws! I also hope she doesn't have to take her bandanna off to walk through security. She is still so self conscious without it on.  I know- deep breath and worry about it when I get there!

Tonight some very talented and crafty ladies from my church are helping me make posters for the kids at Loyola. When they are finished with Chemo they don't have anything at the hospital to help them celebrate. So we are making "NO MORE CHEMO" posters for the nurses to hang up. Thank You Ladies!

Have a Happy and Healthy week!

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  1. Just a quick update- Ella did great at clinic today! Her counts are GOOD!