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Monday, April 18, 2011

Monday April 18th, 2011- You've got to laugh.

The remainder of Ella's trip was good. She really started to miss her Dada, and was pretty eager to come home. We got to the airport with plenty of time before our flight. Grandma and Grandpa dropped us off at the gate and waited until the flight was marked "departed" before heading 1 hour back to their house.  They loaded us on the plane and the woman who was walking on the plane in front of us dropped her suitcase on Ella. She just started crying, and since this happened at the front of the plane and we were sitting in the back, the people sitting by us just thought she was crying. I saw the eyes roll and knew this wasn't going to go well.

We sat on the plane with ground air for the first 30 minutes or so. It was about 90 degrees outside so it was really hot on the plane. They backed the plane away from the gate and as soon as they turned on the motors, the computers shut down. We sat for a bit and they told us we had to go back to the gate for a repair. After about an hour they pushed back again, and the same thing happened- computers shut down, and no air. So we sat on the plane and they announced they were pushing us back to the gate so we could go back into the terminal.

At this point it is 9pm. Ella needs to use the restroom. They told us to stay close to the gate, so we bee lined it to the bathroom. At this point I'm a sweaty mess and carrying my laptop, Ella's carry-on, and Ella through the terminal. We get into the stall and I yank the protective seat cover off the wall- it rips. So I take the 2 separate halves and place it on the seat for Ella. When she is done, I figure I better go since I have no idea when we will be getting back on the plane. We quick clean our hands and go back to the terminal. The desk was swarmed with people, so I decided to stand more toward the entry way of the gate so I could keep an eye on the desk without being in the middle of the mob. I must have been standing there for a half hour trying to decipher the announcements, which if you have traveled a discount airline lately you will know it is like listening to a radio station that you are losing signal on. Then Ella asked for her Dada again, so I call him so they can talk. I bend down to hand Ella the phone and I hear "crinkle crinkle". With a horrified look on my face I reached behind me to discover that half of the torn seat cover was stuck to my backside. Like a cheetah I reached around and attempted to seamlessly pull it off of my skin. When I did this it managed to rip, leaving the lower half still stuck to my backside. So, we go back into the restroom with Ella protesting all the way saying "I don't need to go!", with me explaining that I do.  You just have to laugh at this point, because crying won't help! I don't know how many people saw the set cover sticking out of my pants, but none of them said a thing! AHRG!  They ended up cancelling our flight at 11pm and Steve's parents came back to pick us up. We ended up flying out the next afternoon on a different flight. It was a very long night!

Healthwise Ella seems to be doing fine. Thank you all for praying for Noah. he is FINALLY home!
Have a good week.

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