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Thursday, February 27, 2014

Sharing...cuz that's what I do!

I tucked in Ella last night, and this is all I could think:

As I snuggle behind you my nose is tickled by your hair and all I can smell is you. Your 7 year old legs are wrapped around mine and your hand is holding me tightly to make sure that I don't escape your bed without you noticing. You go from crying to laughing with a second when I bring up something that makes you smile. And I think to myself and I don't want you to grow up. I want you to stay in this age forever so that snuggling-with me, is always the most important thing in your life. At that moment I am so grateful to God that you are still here on this earth that I have the opportunity to snuggle with you and smell your hair and wrap my arms around you and hold you and never wanna let you go. Tears of gratitude roll down cheeks and into your hair as I praise God for your life.

Just sharing.


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