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Friday, December 7, 2012

Make A Wish

Ella and the Dolphin!
Family shot. Doesn't everyone look better in a wet suit?
Well, Ella got her Wish.  She wished for a Disney cruise and to swim with the dolphins, and that is what she did! She was so brave with the dolphin.  She went up by herself, hugged and kissed the dolphin, and then fed it cold slimy fish, and she loved every minute of it.

They loved that our room had bunk beds and a balcony.  Josh was super adventurous and tried lots of new foods.  Ella said her favorite thing was the Aqua-Duck waterside on the ship.

The first night we got there, we explored the boat, but the Ella fell asleep before dinner and Josh soon after because the woke up at 2am to catch the flight. Plus Josh was still recovering from pneumonia.  The second day we did the Dolphin Adventure and the third was a day at Disney's Island.  This was fun and relaxing.  The kids got a kick out of the swinging hammocks and built a boat out of sand with dad. The forth day we were at sea and even though the air was chilly, the pools were warm.  in the afternoon we escaped inside and caught a movie with the kids in the beautiful theater on-board the ship.  Overall, the kids had a wonderful time!
The cruise ship in sand.

After we finished the cruise, we headed to Disney for 4 more days with grandma and grandpa.  I don't know for sure who smiled more? Grandma and Grandpa or Ella and Josh!  We hit 4 parks and the pool.  The lines were nonresistant and the even opened the new Fantasy Land Park early, so we got to go on all those rides too. Ella was a thrill seeker and went on the Tower of Terror with Josh and dad, but she knows her limits and opted out of the 2nd ride. Her favorite ride was Sorring that she and Grandma went on together 3 times!  They were two very happy girls.

I hope this ends our adventure in Leukemia/cancer land.  From now on Ella will have monthly check-ups and Steve and I will continue to count our blessings and know that we are the lucky ones in all of this.  Cancer did not beat us.  It did not kill my child, it did not destroy my family.  We win.

We are very grateful to Make A Wish for making Ella's dream come true.  I have a million pictures and it was really hard to choose which ones to post.  I leave you with one more of Ella and Josh.

Blessings, and gratitude for every comment and prayer from all of you in Blogger Land.  Thank you.

Two very happy and wonderful kids.

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