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Thursday, November 1, 2012

Pictures from her last day party/Bone Marrow Test

Here are some pictures from Ella's party on her last day of chemo.  She had a great time playing with her friends. Our neighbors TP'd our house and put sign's in our yard. The limo picked up her and her friends for a glow in the dark dance party that she will never forget. I am also including a pic of her taking her last dose of chemo!!!!!
I love how she is looking at herself in this one, so I am posting it first!

On Tuesday she had her last Bone Marrow Aspiration.  This will tell us if there is any residual cancer left in her marrow.  I know there is a lot of excitement over her last day of chemo and Ella ending this journey, but for Steve and I we feel like it isn't over.  I would love to say that it will be over when we get this test back, but for us it won't be.  We will forever be left wondering if every cold or ache is the cancer re-attacking her body. The further away this day is and the closer we get to her 5 year date when the consider her "cured", maybe we will begin to slowly feel different.  For now I can say for Ella- she is happy not to have to take medicine EVERY night and be limited on how late she can eat at night.  She is happy that she will be able to swim and do other things that cancer use to limit for her.  We are so glad that kids have this great ability to live in the day, and for Ella it is a cancer free day.  For that I am grateful.
No More Chemo/Cancer Cupcakes

I will post her results as soon as I can.  I am leaving on a mission trip to Haiti on Friday.  I am very excited to have the ability to go on this journey.  I am not under the illusion that I will be going to make a huge difference in the lives of the Haitians I encounter.  I am sure this journey will make a bigger difference on who I am as a person and how I see the world.  I will be photographing and blogging about this journey for our team at West Ridge Haiti Mission 2012 .  Feel free to follow us on this journey from November 2-10th.

I am so grateful for every person that has read and followed us on Ella's Leukemia journey.  Saying Thank You will never be enough.


Ella's Celebration at church!

Party at Sharkies!

Party crew/Support Team
Who us? We are just taking a limo to a party!

Sign in our TP'd yard!

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