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Thursday, June 28, 2012

Wednesday June 27th, 2012

Ella had clinic yesterday.  Her counts were good and she had her chemo as scheduled.

For the first time, her cousin Sara came to clinic with us. She wanted to see what it was like for Ella.  Sara is such a sweet girl and she has a very soft heart. I told Sara what to expect and tried my best to let her know what it would be like. When she saw the needle go in she was very strong, but she cried. It reminded me that I have become numb to what Ella goes through at clinic. I forget how afraid she is and how scary it is for her to get a needle in the chest each time.   Ella did well, and she even posed for a few pictures with her Dr. and her favorite nurse.

Afterwards we went to Build A Bear with Sara and the girls got matching BAB's.  They also had a handful of stores they wanted to visit, including Ella's new favorite Charming Charlies. It's a store full of girly jewelry, purses and shoes.  Lots of glittery things and she loves it.  Ella has not worn a hat of handkerchief all week. She has been very brave and strong.  But, I already knew she was strong.

Ella's Aunt Carrie took her and 3 of her friends to see the opening of Disney's new movie Brave last weekend.  She wore her Brave princess dress, crown and shoes.  She had a blast.  It was really sweet to see her and Carrie have so much fun watching the movie.  The movie theater actually gave them the Brave Standee from the theater.  We had to cut the princess out of it to fit it into the car.  i think I need a wing built on to the house just to hold her Build A Bears.

This week Josh and Ella got to go stay at Grandma and Grandpa's for the week.  They were really excited to go and Steve and I are really enjoying this time alone together.  I got to spend the day painting today and it is nice to have un-interrupted time to accomplish a task.  We have gone on 2 dates and have one more planned for this weekend before I pick up the kids.  I know we need time away, but it is really hard and I miss them both terribly.  When they are not here, it is like a piece of my heart is missing.


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  1. Good to hear that Ella continues to
    "BRAVE" her way through this. I saw the movie today and it is Ella!! Love to you all