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Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Wednesday January 11th, 2012

Ella had clinic yesterday. Her ANC was almost 600 again! YEA!!!! So, she got the all clear to go back to school. She also got reinstated for chemo.  So after not having any chemo or drugs except antibiotics, she went back on full protocol yesterday and started school today.  She will need to go back to clinic next Tuesday to re-check her counts to make sure the chemo didn't knock her counts back down.

Today, Ella shared with her class that she has cancer. We read the book "Why Charlie Brown, Why" to the class and treated them to doughnuts. Josh and Morgan came with as her support system and to answer questions. She used a duck and a doll to show the class how the nurses administer medicine into her port and she handed out "Cancer Butt Kicker" bracelets to all of her classmates. The hardest part for Ella was when I left. She was doing so well at school and now I feel like she has taken a step backwards. The hardest part for me was saying the words out loud that she has cancer.

When I left I went to the car and cried. Just leaving her there knowing she can get sick again, knowing that she was crying, not knowing if any of the kids would treat her differently now that they know. I am hopeful that they wont. Her class is so loving with each other. They were all genuinely happy when they saw her today, it was very heartwarming.
Tools we used to explain cancer
Thank you for all your prayers and comments. We really appreciate everyone's support! It is finally going to snow here and the kids are so excited. Enjoy the beautiful snow!


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