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Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Wednesday July 27th, 2011

 We were able to take a one week vacation over the 4th of July so we took the kids up to Door County to go camping. It was really nice to spend time alone just hanging out and doing fun things. The whole time we were gone, the fact that Ella has cancer only came up one time. It was a little challenging to give Ella her meds, and when we realized we forgot to bring the strawberry syrup we use to flavor her meds we did get slightly panicked. Luckily, my smart husband came up with the idea to crush Tic-Tacs to sweeten it up. It totally worked and it is her new favorite!

Ella had clinic yesterday. Josh, Grandma, and Grandpa all got to go to clinic with us. It was nice for Ella to have so many distractions on a clinic day. Her counts were better than last month and I was so happy when they said her liver function went slightly down and not up! It is still elevated, but I was thanking God when the doctor told me. I know as a doctor it must be hard to be in this field, but I can tell you how grateful I am for a doctor that takes the time to talk to you and LISTEN to what you are saying. thank you Dr. Salvida!

I had to take Ella in to get an eye exam for Kindergarten last week. When I made the appointment I told them that she has cancer, just in case it changed anything about the way the doctor examined her. When I got there, I spent a good 10 minutes filling out the forms listing her medications and condition.  The doctor walked into the room, appearing to be reading the paperwork that I so meticulously filled out and said “ So, I see she is on no medications and is in perfect health!”. To quote Friends “Seriously!”. 

Ella also began going to school 3 days a week and she started cheer leading 2 times a week. We are working on trying to help her to be more social with kids her age. This past year she has spent a lot of time with adults and missed some of those group social skills that are learned at this age. So far she is not happy about the changes, but we are trying to encourage her to stick with it and make friends. This week she had Summer Adventure at church She made this craft, and I just wanted to share. She drew a picture of herself on the stage. I love that she drew herself smiling.

Her 1 year anniversary for being diagnosed is August 26th. I am so grateful that she has made it this far, but this day feels like it is looming to me. I am not looking forward to it at all.


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