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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Tuesday June, 28th 2011- Whining, Walkers and Warriors

Well for all the complaining and whining I heard from Ella about not wanting to start school, she actually likes it! I wouldn't say love, but definitely like. She made 2 friends right away and by day 2 was looking forward to going the next day. When we got to school for orientation, all I could think was "which one of these kids is going to get Ella sick?". On day 2 I got a call from the principal that one of the girls Ella was playing with was sent home with a 102 degree fever and stomach pain. I held my breath when she said 2 more kids got sent home too, but Ella never got sick- she was totally fine. So far school is going well.

This beautiful group of people represent the "Cancer Butt Kickers Team" at the Rely for Life. They either walked, or were support for our group. I am proud to say that our group was one of two that actually walked all night. At one point around 3 am there were only 12 people on the field- and 6 of them were from our team! Also a huge THANK YOU to everyone that support The Relay financially. We had 3 surprise supporters from Noah's Warrior's that joined us to walk in memory of Noah- which was awesome. Becky and Will lost Noah in April and I was honored to have his family hang out with us during the Relay.

Ella had clinic and chemo today. This was the first time it was just the 2 of us at clinic. Her counts were ok. Her liver function is elevated at 8 times the normal function, but has a great capacity to repair itself. So, we watch and wait. Her white count was low too, but good enough to get chemo. Today, she was very brave at clinic. She didn't cry, and at the end she cracked a few smiles and told her favorite nurses all about her sticky feet. Tomorrow, she goes back to school!

We were able to go spend a few days in Wisconsin with family and take our family photos for the year. We went to Devils Lake which is one of our favorite spots. That is where Steve proposed and his family lives 4 minutes from the park.  When I first looked at the photos, I thought the background was so beautiful- it didn't look real, but it is! Here is the one we all voted as our favorite.
Yes, silly faces. Enjoy your summer. Thank you all for continued prayers and comments.

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  1. Katie,
    Blessings to your family. I follow and pray for you guys all the time. I make a pretty neat Barbie doll house and I was wondering if Ella is into Barbies yet? Its quite tall 3'6" foot and 30" wide. She can paint and wallpaper to her taste.
    The few girls I have made them really enjoy them. Let me know.
    Paul Snowwhite