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Saturday, January 15, 2011

Day 138 & 139

Ella is really tired. She has had a permanent spot on the couch downstairs this week. She had a bit more energy yesterday, but it wanes. She has been napping everyday and she doesn't even want to ply with her build a bears. She just wants to "snuggle". Snuggling has become my full time job.

She is losing a lot of hair right now. This is the hard part, because she wants long hair so badly. Today we used Joshie's Karate punching pad to punch anger out on cancer. She said "I don't wanna lose my hair"- and punch, followed by "gooie gooie"- punch! Everything she doesn't like is gooie. Just like the IV pole at clinic, it's gooie too!

I just want to thank everyone who follows this blog, and cares enough to keep us with our journey. We have over 20,000 hits on this blog. To me, it;s not just a counter, but a marker of love. So, THANK YOU ALL!!!!! We are so blessed!


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