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Saturday, January 8, 2011

Day 132 & 133 Happy Feet

Happy Feet
Happy feet. These are Ella's Happy Feet that are playing on the floor with Grandma. Grandma and Grandpa came in tonight and Ella and Josh were bouncing off the walls with excitement.  At the top of her feet is the new winter coat we bought her to fit around her swollen belly. As soon as it arrived today she put it on and it has now been on for 7 hours. Ella, is having a good day.

New Belt
Josh got a new karate belt today and he was so happy. When we were in the car driving back he said out of the blue "Mom, I'm gonna work really hard to get my solid belt!". He really enjoys karate.

Ella is doing so well.  She is kicking cancers butt!

Please pray for Leann who is in the hospital on a respirator fighting a fungal infection that has spread to her brain(complication of leukemia). Her family needs our prayers. Thank you.

Have a great weekend.


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