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Thursday, December 22, 2011

Thursday, December 22nd

Ella still has a fever. She has been battling a low grade temp for a week, but yesterday we made the call and took her to clinic. They ended up x-raying her chest and found some residue in her lungs. Her counts came back at about 600, which is almost too low for her body to fight, so they gave her a dose of antibiotics and are running cultures to see if it is bacterial or viral. She woke up this morning with a fever and Steve and Ella are back at clinic for a 2nd dose of antibiotics.  Right now we are praying her ANC is not under 500 today, otherwise she has to stay at the hospital. That would mean a possible Christmas at Loyola.  To top it off, Josh woke up not feeling well this morning so not we have to keep them apart until we know for sure Josh is healthy.

Thank you to my prayer warriors!

UPDATE:  Ella's ANC is 580, so she got another dose of antibiotics, and a prescription for antibiotics and she was able to COME HOME!!!!! YEA!!! As long as we can keep the fevers at bay, we will be good.  They put her on Chemo hold for now and she is scheduled to be back in clinic next Tuesday as long as she doesn't get a fever before then.
Now, here is hoping that this is bacterial and the antibiotics will help. I will keep everyone posted.


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  1. Praise God Ella is home!!!!! Praying you have a Christmas at home :) Hope Josh is feeling better, as well!