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Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Day 164

I love her happy eyes.
Ella had clinic today. Her counts were not "great", but they were okay. She got her meds, but they forgot her anti-nausea medicine, so we had to wait for a bit so we could get it in her before we left. She was happy to add another Build-A-Bear to her collection. We made a very quick trip and she stayed in her stroller the entire time. Her port or "medicine button" is accessed with a needle right now, so she doesn't like to move much. She is very protective of that area of her chest.

Now, she only has to go to clinic the next 2 weeks so they can check her counts and she won't have any chemo after Friday.  We are getting closer....

She asked to go to bed tonight and I expect her to be tired the next few days, but she is handling this round so well. Her strength is greater than mine.

Ella and Dadda
I'm so happy that we are close to the last phase, but I wish it didn't last for almost 2 years. It is so scary to me that we have to give her chemo at home for such a long time. She will go in monthly for chemo and then every 3 months for a spinal and additional chemo.  What is even scary is the long term side effects of the chemo. I had a brief conversation with one of her doctors today about the most common ones. Heart, dental, various organs, and fertility. Those are just the common ones. Cancer sucks.


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