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Thursday, September 20, 2012

Thursday September 20th, 2012

When I was in my 20's I remember joking with friends that "older" people only talked about the weather and what was ailing them. With "40" only a few days away for me, I can see why.

On Monday Steve had to go in for a minor procedure.  Only problem was the procedure had to be done by a major artery, so they had to put him under. He did fine, but that was what our conversations were focused on for Sunday evening and Monday.  On Tuesday we focused on Ella's chemo at Loyola. (More on this in a minute) And on Wednesday I took a friend in to tested to see if her cancer is coming back. I totally get why this is such a hot topic of conversation.  I just wish I could focus on God more than these medical issues.

Proverbs 3:5 Trust in the LORD with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding;(NIV)
Josh and Ella
Ella had clinic on Tuesday. She started the week by vomiting and getting a congested cough.  Ella's favorite doctor was in clinic this week, but her favorite nurse has been out on bed rest.  Her numbers were good and she had her chemo.  Then we got to talking with her doctor about the remainder of her treatment.  38days of chemo left.  It seems so surreal to me.  I'm happy, but I am also starting to get nervous.  The chemo part I am happy about. I can not even express how elated I am to not put drugs into her body any longer that I know are making her feel sick.  I am excited to see what a non-chemo and non-steroid six year old Ella will be like.  I feel like my real daughter has been clouded over by these crappy drugs some days that don't allow her to be the happy, funny and carefree child I know she can be. The nervous part comes from the unknowns. It comes from not knowing if she is going to re-lapse.  Not knowing if the cancer is back between check-ups at clinic. Not knowing how act if she does get sick or have a cold.  It will be our new "Normal" and I can't quite see what that might be like yet.

The remainder of her schedule looks like this:
Chemo daily
Clinic and Chemo- Oct 16th
Oct 28- Last day of Chemo!
Oct 30th- Bone Marrow Procedure
November 13th- Removal of Port
Then Make a Wish trip!

They are waiting to remove her port until I get back from a mission trip to Haiti in the beginning of November.  Ella is so excited to be counting down to her Make A Wish Trip.  She is most excited to ride in a limo.  What she doesn't know is that on her last day of Chemo, her dad and I are going to rent a limo to take her and her friends out.  I can not wait to see her face when that limo pulls up!   

Ella and Momma


  1. I am praying that on October 28th Ella will walk out of the infusion center and never, ever have to walk back into one. Sending my love.

  2. I have written down the date on my diary - October 28th cant wait to celebrate with you!!

  3. Now Katie, those pictures are the most beautiful images I've seen in a long time. I love the way you love. Wishing you the very best of everything.



    1. You comments always bring the happy tears! Thank you.

  4. I have already marked down October 28 on my calendar! I can't wait until Ella can be free of all those nasty things ( even though they have helped rid her body of other nasty things)! She will be SO EXCITED about the limo ride on her last official day! I can't wait to hear about that, your missions trips( good for you!) and of course the make a wish trip! Any chance I can tag along!? Sending lots of hugs and prayers for the last little bit of this journey and for the new journey when it begins! Xo xo Mrs. Kuzynowski