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Monday, May 9, 2011

Monday May 9th, 2011

Ella had clinic last Tuesday. Her counts were a little lower than I would have liked, but she still got 100% of her chemo. She was pretty tired for the rest of the week, and hungry and moody from the steroids, but overall she is doing really well. She was very happy to have Grandma and Grandpa at clinic with her, and she loves that she gets to work on a craft project while we are waiting for chemo. She was also excited to bring in a bouquet of cookie flowers for the nurses to celebrate nurses week.  There are 4 main nurses that handle the Peds/Onc area and they are a group of strong woman, all unique in personalities. We appreciate all of them dearly.

Kailee and Ella enjoying the weather.
She is so very happy that it has been nice enough out to wear dresses. We took these today in front of the house. We had a very nice Mother's Day celebration. We went to church and Steve helped me garden in the back yard. I love the spring because I love seeing the trees and flowers begin to bloom and grow. Ella had gymnastics this morning with her buddy Avery and now loves hanging from the rings.

This weekend is Ella's 5th birthday party, and her birthday is next Monday. Her birthday party this year is a gift from the Bear Necessities Foundation that supports kids with cancer. She is counting down the days, and guess where she picked for her party?  Build A Bear. Thank God they just came out with a new line of bears, because otherwise I have no idea what she would pick out! Afterwords we are going to the Rain Forest Cafe for an early dinner. I can't tell you have many times I have prayed that I am grateful that she is here to celebrate this birthday and how much this day means to me. I think since Carrie was diagnosed with cancer, I look at birthdays in a whole new light. Instead of " oh crap, I'm getting older- It is more like "Yea! I'm getting older- and your getting older too!"  So, happy to look at her and celebrate her life. She is so strong and has had such an impact on so many people.

If Ella has impacted your life at all, or you would like to leave a birthday message for her, please leave a comment. I am making this into a book for her and I think it will be cool for her to look back and read them when she is older.

Have a Wonderful Week.



  1. Happy 5th Birthday Ella!!! Jillian says "I love you" & and remembers you often, even though we moved away! We hope this is your very best birthday yet:)! Have a TON of fun at your party and on your special day as you celebrate the one and only ever you!!! With love ~ Jillian, Jen & Eric Goodman

  2. People you've never met are celebrating this wonderful time. I wish you the happiest of birthdays and many many more to come.

  3. Happy 5th Birthday to our Ella Bella. You are a beautiful ballerina girl. We are so proud of your love and strength. Your soul is truly beautiful and shines wherever you go and in whatever you do. We love you.
    Aunt Becky, Uncle Mike, Emma and Sara

  4. Ella, you are so beautiful. Your mommy is so super brave just like you. I have a son who just turned six this month and another who is gaining on you fast to turn five.

    My older son says that five is pretty cool, so you should like it. He says that he thought he would know how to tie his shoe by the time he was five, but that didn't quite work out.

    My younger son is my little prayer warrior and likes to remember people when he is praying. I think he would like to remember you, so I will show him your picture and tell him your name. Now let me warn you--he prays kind of funny and sometimes breaks out in song. Even Justin Bieber sometimes. But his prayers are heartfelt, even if they get interrupted sometimes.

    I have been following your brave fight since your mom writes about it and takes beautiful pictures of you. We are wishing you a happy birthday and my son Isaiah says he will let you know how six is.

    Gradydoctor aka Mrs. Manning (and Team Manning)

  5. p.s. We have almost the same hairstyle! It looks good on you!